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Dhruv Kothari

Dhruv Kothari

Hi. I am Dhruv Kothari, currently embarking on my engineering journey from D.Y. Patil College Of Engineering, Akurdi, Pune. I am a web developer as well as an Android enthusiast. I swim into the oceans of competitive programming. Logical Reasoning, brainstorming, problem-solving have always been my cup of tea. I keep enhancing my tech cravings by writing tech affiliated articles. Apart from technical skills I am sub 50 CUBER, a philatelist and numismatist.

  •    Qualified for Google Codejam Qualification round 2020

  •    Secured 4035th Global Rank in Google Kickstart Round B 2020

  •    3 star coder at CODECHEF

  •    6 star Problem Solver at HackerRank

  •    Technical writer at GeeksForGeeks and Medium

  •    Secured 1st rank in Tech-wizard code contest  at inter-college level.

  •    Secured 1st rank in Bro-Code organised by PCCOER.


  •    Achieved Advanced Learner status In College Workshop.

  •    Bagged 1st rank (2-times) in coding contest held at college level

  •    Completed many online certifications.

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